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Friday, 30 September 2011

A Finish and a New Start

Hi again everyone,
The time for this month's updates seemed to come really quickly. Didn't this month fly by!!!

August 2011

September 2011 - Red Square happy dance
I had grand visions of popping this into a frame for this post - hahahaha...

I also hoped to take a snap of it in daylight so the colours were closer to the real thing - hahahaha...

And so I came to that wonderful place where there is a choice to be made... "Do I get back to the WIP OR do I go ahead and start something new [not for the very least reason that it's the celebration of the month of your birth and you should go ahead and treat our self - that New Years resolution is long gone by now anyway...]" No prizes for guessing which choice won :)

Pizzazz - New Start
I have been inspired to join those of you stitching Pizzazz, below is my first start. I found this piece of linen in my stash and thaught I would try stitching 1 thread over 2 [on 32 count] to see if it would let the 'hand dyed' look on the linen show through better....

....ummm - not such a good look for this particular pattern!!! So, over to another corner for another new start :)
...happier now...

Looking forward to seeing how others are going [how are those gorgeous CDC beads coming along?]. Take care until next time

Liz x

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Rachael xxx said...

How fabulous, Both are stunning!!