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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tanya2's new June start

I only have one photo as this month is a new start for me...I ended up going with Pot Luck, and I'm afraid it's not very exciting as I am using a monochrome silk. However, this is my first time using silk so I will try an overdyed next time! So this is Carrie's Creations "Grape" on 28-count "Irish Linen" (that is the only name I have for it - an ancient tube of Charles Craft I had lying around!), 1 strand over 1. This is the first time I have worked this small and at first it was awkward but now it's going well. Over 1 on this fine a count might be better done on evenweave such as Monaco, though - I'm afraid there may be some discontinuity when I hit a slub or a place where the weave is far apart. But all in all I am pleased with it so far. Happy stitching everyone - stay cool, or for those down under, warm!


Lizzy Pizzy said...

Love your choice of silk (mmmmmm - isn't it lovely working with silk on linen).
If you find any particularly bulky slubs in the wrong place, you can carefully 'tease' out some of the slub from the back of the fabric just using your needle.
Liz x

Tanya2 said...

Thanks so much for the tip! And yes, I love the silk...I have a massive stash of Carrie's and HDF built up so will probably be trying out many different colorways on lots of small IC projects in the future :-)