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Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Mid Month Mini Update

Hi all
Just a mini update post bc I am working on a scroll frame. Stitched the middle 3 pages before joining and have just finished the top 3 pages.


mid February update

... and scrolled down to the bottom
(it's like a new start, I haven't seen this bit since before Christmas...)

This is my first time using a scroll frame, I think perhaps I will start at the top (or bottom) of the design next time. If anyone else in this group uses scroll frames, I would welcome hearing what your preferences are.

Liz x


Rachael xxx said...

Fabulous! i use plastic snap frames I have a couple different sizes, but I prefer a smallish one I can comfortably hand in my hand

Tanya2 said...

Just gorgeous!! I started using scroll frames last year for everything after years of using a hoop, but personally I cannot break the habit of still starting in the middle :-) I am planning on trying Q-snaps sometime soon as they seem to be a favorite of many posters here.

Lexi said...

been gridding to find the top left from the middle of the fabric and using q-snaps in the hand or recently purchased floor stand. I have tons of projects started so it's good that i can switch out the frame easily. Many people I've talked to swear by their scroll frames, and it seems you were able to start in the middle fine here :)