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Friday, 30 April 2010

April progress

I'm really pleased with this month's progress on Kaleidoscope and I'm a little sad the month has come to an end and I've had to stop working on it.

Cercles HD

I updated a day or two ago but managed to get it finished before May, so here it is.
I'm going to carry on with triangles now.
(sorry the picture isn't all that clear)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

CdC April Progress



I got quite a bit done this month, and I've actually stitched a bit more since this picture.

Bramble & the Rose (April update)

After such an enthusiastic start to my Bramble and Rose project my stitching seems to have come to an total abrupt stop and apart from finishing page 1 I haven't worked on anything else in weeks. I was hoping to have at least completed page 2 by now and also finished my HAED Queen Lily. Here are my before and after pics:-



Lovely stitching from everyone who hasn't lost their mojo !!!


Tanglewood - April progress

Well checking over the blogs it looks as though I wasn't the only one with a case of spring fever.  I only got a few evenings of stitching in.  Everyone's progress is keeping me inspired though.  Thank you!  I started the next colour in the branches.  I am hoping for a little more distinction after I do the outlining stitches. 

This was last month's progress.

April Progress

I will be busy for the next few days so fiqured I better get my April posted.
I have not had much done, but here it is
ICK - April 15, 2010

ICK - April 27, 2010

I hope to have 2 productive weekends coming up so hopefully my next progress pic will have some colour!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

growth rings

I will introduce you another project of mine.. this is 'growth rings' and the first pic is how it must be, the last one, is my stitching till this week. I've started yesterday again with this work and I will show you every month my progress of it. i'll hope ;-)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tracy's April Progress BSFG

Well here it is my April progress I didn't manage to get any done in March due to other commitments, so I had a good stitch over the Easter Bank Holiday



Viv's April progress - slow but sure?

Here is my progress picture for April - not much done this month I fear - mainly because there haven't been any chess competitions for my sons!!  The big picture is as it stands today, the smaller ones are as at the beginning of this month, and the two motifs that I've done this month.  I have made some progress on the big green motif too :)

I might get more done in May, as there are a couple of chess tournaments coming up :)

Tanya's April progress


and After I'm quite pleased with I managed to get done this month, I got a fair old chunk done on Sunday when the weather wasn't so good.

You have till Friday..

to post your progresses for this month ladies, And for those of you overseas and on a different timescale, Don't worry about your posts ending up in May I will still count them as April's progress :0)

I was thinking of just having a little prize giving at the end of June for those of you who have posted 3 month's or more progress posts ( If you have only just joined us you still have a chance to get in three progress posts) as a Thank you for sharing your beautiful stitching. It won't be much just a token of my appreciation. If you don't want to be included please let me know.
Thank you again

Rachael's April progress

Well I have some progress to show you, I have been slowly doing a bit here and there and it finally looks like I have done something!! it looks a little washed out in this photo, but you get the general idea.

I am loving all the fabulous progress pics I am seeing ladies!! Well done Ladies you are doing great stitching!!

Monday, 26 April 2010

No update for me this month.

Things have been too stressfull and busy so I will opt out this month. Will try and do some next month. x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

April Update

Im still working on Mother Maya

March update

Mother Maya 3-29-10 

April update

Mother Maya 4-25-10


B&R Claire's April update

been having something of a stitching slump this month, so only minor progress to show for April.
here's how it looked at the end of March

Saturday, 17 April 2010

the bramble and the rose

here is my first part of the bramble and the rose. I stitch this with DMC 4240 on aïda 7st/cm
hugs Marleen

Friday, 16 April 2010

First post on new start

Sorry for the delay in posting... silly me missed the March progress :(

After I finished growth rings, I started Kaliedoscope.  March and April have been busy months but below is where I was at the beginning of the week
Ink Circles Kaliedoscope - April 16, 2010

I decided that since I was so busy this time of year, doing the black outline was the easiest.  I am currently on page 3.

I have an fun stitching weekend coming up in May, so hopefully by then I will be working with colour!

Everyone's progress is looking great

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Ink Circles and the Online Needlework Show.

I follow Tracy on Facebook and she showed off a new design last night. I am so excited! I just love it. It reminds me of CdC. I am hoping it'll be available for purchase at the Online Needlework Show on Thursday.

Has anyone else seen this yet?

the bramble and the rose

i want to let you know that I will also start with this beautiful design 'the bramble and the rose'.

At the end of the month i will place (?) my update here.

I stitch it on white aïda 8 stitches/cm with dmc number 4240.
hugs Marleen
happy stitching to all!

Saturday, 3 April 2010