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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jill's July progress - Cirque des Cercles and more!

Since I totally missed updating in June, I figured I better get something up this month!
Here's the CDC - I haven't been working on it as much lately - I've gotten hijacked by the Jardin Prive "Eiffel Quaker" and have been working mostly on that. But I did actually make some progress in June that I never got around to posting:

And look what I found on my trip to Stitching Bits and Bobs!! (not planning on doing the huge anniversary sampler but the "Second Chances" one). Not sure yet what fabric I will be using - and since I really shouldn't start anything else new for now, I can take my time deciding.

I also remembered that I had mentioned starting Alchemical Romance a while ago -- haven't worked on it since, but here's the start:

I think one of the reasons I haven't gone back to it is because I forgot what a pain it is to work with metallic thread!!! Hope everyone is having a great summer!


die kleene said...

Wow, you do have quite a few projects running!

I tried to do french knots with metallic thread. It was hell (but quite rewarding in the end).

Rachael said...

Looks lovely, and I am so looking forward to when you start second chances in those gorgeous colours

Hazel said...

I love the fabric and colours on your cdc! Stunning. x