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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chronical of the Beast p3 and a sneak peek

The update on Beast is quite large as I am approaching a third done.

Along the top, the local crows have been into Oma Bea's moonshine. As the Drachten crows are none too bright, half of the murder are on the wrong side of the bar, waiting foolishly in vain. the cannier bunch are on the right side, sucking up to the boss by bringing gifts on top of their glasses. The locals are still not too sure of the side effects of the home brew so feel that the crows are suitable testers. The locals are, however, are now beginning to regret allowing this situation to happen as drunken crows are prone to falling off branches and out of the sky, injuring both themselves and local residents. The crow beneath the honkin big V, is carrying a cool towel to place over his mates head to east the hangover!

The local pet population are just as out of control and a water-shy cat was seen climbing the town square fountain pursuing the sober Calvinist wildlife. There are suspicions that the cat had either been in Oma Bea's catnip patch or been licking up the crows leftovers

On an emerging wildlife front, the local squirrels seem to be on a health and fitness mission and the first one seems to be working on her strength and agility by taking up Pilates. Shown below the V, this little lady squirrel has been spotted with her Magic Circle to assist her mission.

Be afraid Drachten, be very afraid!

And now for something completely different!
This is not mine - this is my best friend Lyn's take on CdT
I brought he the chart for her birthday last year and gave her the fabric when she rummaged my stash. It's on 28Ct Apricot Jobelan with three shades of DMC blues, it is already a well travelled project. It wnet in Ltyns hand luggage for her trip to Australia in December and came back with the entire border worked. What else can you do with two long flights and a layover in Seoul?
The colour has come out fairly well - the fabric is more orange than brown.
Until next time - farewell and happy stitching
PS I'm also finishing off a friends THOM - purple on pink!


Branlaadee said...

Haha! I love your story. That's so fun! Your stitching looks great adn I love the colors your friend is using for CdT.

Karan said...

Loved the 3rd instalment Rosanne. Great progress on your piece. Love your friends CdeT - beautiful colours. :0)

Rachael said...

LOL fabulous, I do like your friends piece as well

Tracy said...

The squirrel pilates almost made me laugh my beer out my nose. The updates look great. Tell Lynn she rocks!