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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Update on new start

Here is my start on Dutch Beast. Oma Bea's Moonshine still is complete as well as the Gemini eagle (always in two minds), a Honkin' Big D with cherry donuts around it, the 5 foolish birds begging for Moonshine at the top and last but not least Han's who is Oma Bea's toyboy. This last matter is a cause for concern in the village where they all live and work and many villagers are scandalised at Bea's courgarish behaviour. Even in liberal Holland, this is not proper behaviour.

For the first installment on my version of Tracy's Beast tales here is the relevant blog update

For Tracy's original Beast Tales, see here

I'm off for now but sitting beside me is my friends take on Cirque des Triangles - three shades of blue on Apricot linen. I'd take a photo but I've left the camera lead at home!



Kim said...

Nice progress and a clever tale :)

Tracy said...

Nice work! It sounds like you are your Mum are having almost as much fun with the stories behind the motifs as I did.

Branlaadee said...

LOL I love your story! The stitching looks great.

I hope you bring your camera next time...blues and apricot? I cant wait to see it.

Karan said...

Lovely piece & a great story too. Will enjoy seeing how both progress. :0)