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Do you have quite a few Ink circle designs in your stash? Are you after encouragement to finish your Ink Circles design? What ever the design you have come and join. Would you like to do a Stitch along? But don't know anyone to do one with. If you would like to contribute to this blog just email me and I will add you to the authors list. If anyone has emailed me about joining this blog, and you have not yet received an invite please let me know. Or check your Junk mail folder.
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Greetings from a newcomer!

Hi, everyone! I finally got my act together and emailed for an invite to the blog - I've been following along for several weeks and watching everyone's work. So -- I guess that means I'd better share mine!
About 3 weeks ago I finally finished Cirque des Carreaux!! So of course, now I have to get down to serious work on Cirque des Cercles --

I actually have more finished on that one since I took the photo, but haven't taken a new photo yet! But that's what updates are for, right? Looking forward to following along with all of you, most likely for quite a while, based on how long CDC took me! Plus, I also have Alchemical Romance waiting in the wings!


Branlaadee said...

CdCx looks lovely! I love your colors.

I cant wait to see more of your CdC. It's like a rainbow!

Tanyastitches said...

I agree its going to be a stunner.

Bonnie Brown said...

love the colours for CdC
Can't wait to see it progress!!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Both pieces are stunning! I have them to do 'one day' too! What colour are you using for the Cirque des Cercles?

totallythreadup said...

Great finish and fab colours for CdCx. Look forward to your next update as this is another one on my list for maybe later this year.

Rachael said...

Well done on your finish, I do like the colourway you are using on Cercles

Maureen said...

great choice of colours for CDC - can't wait to see the progress on this.

Carolyn in VA said...

Beautiful work!
I love your colors on Cercles - what are you using?

Karan said...

CdeCx is a stunner - love the colours! CdeC is going to be another fabulous piece too - going to enjoy watching it develop. :0)