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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

February progress - Cirque des Cercles

Even though I only posted my first photo a few days ago, I thought I'd put this one up for you. It's actually closer to what I had done when I first posted, but I hadn't taken a new picture yet. Plus, several of you were nice enough to comment and also asked what colors I was using, so I thought I'd share that too. I don't think the lighting from my iPhone photo really is very helpful, especially for the fabric. It's Lakeside Linens Vintage Autumn Gold, which is much more yellow than this photo makes it look.
The orange circle outlines are Needlepoint Silk "pumpkin range" #866; the green frame and center circle are Caron Collection Soie Cristale #5060; the golden circle outlines are Dinky Dyes #113 "Cobar"; the dark reddish circle outlines are DMC 815. The variegated fill for all the circles is Caron Collection Wildflowers #010 "Fiesta". I still have to work out the color placement for the small filler circles, which is why I haven't done any of them yet! Thanks for your comments!


Branlaadee said...

This is going to be so pretty when you are done!

jane said...

A great start - it looks as though it is going to be gorgeous

Rachael said...


Karan said...

Fabulous piece! :0)