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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cirque des Cercles

This is my first post to any group ever. Thanks for letting me play too.  This Cirque des Cercles was started at the beginning of last year. I forgot what linen the brown is, but the thread is DMC 4130. It will go in the living room next to pictures of fall scenes when it is done. What do you use for hoops for a project like this? Any advice would be fabulous.

I am excited for what the year will bring.



Rachael said...

Great progress, I am using that colour for my Triangles.
I am always changing hoops and frames mostly I use a plastic frame( Q Snaps type)What are you using?

Branlaadee said...

I usually stitch in hand, so I dont have to worry about hoops and frames. LOL I used to use qsnaps for everything, until I got lazy.

I love your colors. It's so warm and inviting!

Tanyastitches said...

I use the q snaps, they are the easiest to use I think. The colour choice is great.

Bonnie Brown said...

The colour looks great! I am using that colour for my growth rings.

Elizabeth Clark said...

I agree with the q-snaps, I love them since I switched. I used to stitch by hand as well and still do with small projects when I am traveling, less bulk, but I think I make fewer counting mistakes and my specialty stitches come out more even if I use a frame.

Tracy said...

Lovely colours and great progress so far, I started off using a 14" Q snap for my BSFG but I have just swapped it to a 17" Q snap a little fiddley as it is so big but I didn't want to put the frame over the work I had already done with it being blackwork

Kristen said...

Thanks for such lovely comments. I can never weary of the colors of autumn. I just started using Q-Snaps on this project since it got so much bigger than I am used to. That is what the white felt is for on the top of the picture. I think I will buy extenders for the last 2 pages of the project, or maybe try stitching in hand too.

Karan said...

Hi Kristen & welcome to blogging. :0)
Your CdeC looks gorgeous - I love autumnal colours. Will enjoy watching your progress. :0)