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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Just Popping In

I wanted to say thank you for letting me play along.

Right now I am working on Blackstone Fantasy Garden(I will post pictures as soon as I get my computer back--I'm on a borrowed one right now).

I plan on starting The Bramble and the Rose as an Olympic Challenge piece. I have the thread and the fabric; I'm just waiting for the Opening Ceremonies :)

I love seeing what everyone is working on--it's inspiring!


Rachael said...

Welcome Kim I look forward to seeing your progresses

kristinaferina said...

I love the idea of an Olympic Challenge! Will you stitch on this piece only while watching the Olympics? I've recently put this piece on my wish list and have been drooling over it every day. I may need to order it soon!

totallythreadup said...

Hello Kim. Look forward to seeing your progress pic. What are your fabric/thread choice for Bramble and the Rose?

Kim said...

Kristina--I can't take credit for the Olympic Challenge idea. The Yarn Harlot came up with the Knitting Olympics during the last Winter Games(she challenged knitters to come up with a challenging project to start and finish during the games) and I wanted to do the same thing with a stitched piece this time, so I will start my piece during the Opening Ceremonies and, hopefully, finish by the Closing Ceremonies.

Totalythreadup--I bought some 32 count(I think, it's not with me) hand dyed evenweave in Queen Anne's Lace and I'm using DMC 115(deep red varigated). I'll post the actual specifics when I start the piece.

Thanks for the comments :)

Karan said...

Welcome Kim. Will enjoy seeing your progress pics. :0)