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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cirque des Triangles

After my disaster with CdT I knew that I would have to restart this as soon as possible or else it would have been put aside forever. It took me just two days to unpick and I restarted this on Monday and I've decided to do the outlines of the triangles first rather than fill them in one by one and have managed to complete pages 1,2 and 3 :)

Here is a pic of my new start

My sister Sandra has recently completed Cirque des Triangles and it the pic doesn't do it justice - it's gorgeous. Take a look here

Hope you are making good progress with your projects - lets see a few pics! Has anyone started the Bramble and the Rose yet? This is on my list and am keen to see what fabric and threads people are using for this design.


Rachael said...

Great re-start, I did my CDCircles this way by doing the outline first. I have started Brambles will post a pic when I have some more to show, I am doing it on black over one

Branlaadee said...

Sorry you had to restarted your CdT. Doing the outlines should help keep from making any big mistakes. It's looking great so far and seems to be going so fast!

Your sisters CdT is beatiful. I love the floss colors and can only imagine how wonderful it looks in RL.

Bramble is going to be my next start. I am looking for a light purple fabric. I'll be doing the main knot in dark purple threads and adding a deep rose and teal for the flowers and leaves. I have to order a bunch of HDF to figure out exactly what colors though.

Karan said...

Good strategy & I can see this growing really quickly from now on. Your DSis's CdeT is a stunner, I just love that thread colour. :0)
Not even thought about starting Brambles: too many things on the go already unfortunately.